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In today's world of increasingly specialized and boxed-in research, we offer a different perspective, seek challenging questions and provide solutions for your unique situations


Multi-cultural Research

Multicultural research is a cornerstone of our offerings. Our expertise in understanding consumers and markets beyond borders underpins all our research in this area. Some of our research offerings and projects conducted are as follows:

EthnicCustom - Consumer understanding has a whole new meaning within the context of Multi-Cultural markets. Each consumer group is distinct in their exposure to and usage of categories/brands, is driven by varied cultural influences and has different expectations from your category and brand. [re]solutions provides you support to understanding these different groups and their motivations, through a range of research approaches such as Consumer Understanding , Idea Evaluation, Communication Assessment, Packaging Assessment and In-Market Tracking

EthnicPlus - Our omnibus among ethnic consumer groups is a handy tool to get answers on key questions without the commitment of a full scale research project. We also recommend creative ways of maximizing outputs from this tool 

EthnicScapes - What is the size of different ethnic groups? Where do they reside? What is their previous exposure to categories/brands? We are happy to paint a relevant background for your understanding of different consumer groups, their relative size, attitudes and economic impact

Shopper Insights

Now, more than ever, consumers are shopping differently and their shopping behaviour is changing very rapidly. We have developed a comprehensive approach to understanding this changing behaviour, and are currently conducting in-market trials for validating this approach.

Please contact us to include your brand/category in this validation process.

Foundational Research

Consumer behaviour is a result of several factors, directly and indirectly influencing decisions. To thoroughly understand behaviour it is important to understand the category, the environment, the history and the motivations. We offer a comprehensive approach using qualitative and quantitative research techniques to provide holistic understanding of the issue.

This approach inspires fresh understanding and direction in an ever changing market environment.

Research Everything

Have a business question? We may be able to help. Not only do we have decades of expertise in researching a wide range of categories, we also partner with category experts and provide future direction rooted in the research learnings.

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