Bridging the gap between Traditional and Contemporary Research Techniques to provide Deeper Insights

Multicultural Research

As communities get more diverse, brand success is increasingly a function of understanding and catering to these diverse consumers 

[re]solutions provides a suite of research products that can help you reach your multicultural audience

Shopper Insights

Shopper behaviour and motivations are increasingly important in current times

Contact us to be part of developmental work being conducted in this area

Foundational Research

Sometimes research needs to go back to basics and provide fresh perspectives

[re]solutions provides comprehensive 'market understanding' research to drive consumer focused business

Research Everything

In today's world of hyper-specialized and pre-packaged research, custom solutions for specific issues are getting rarer

[re]solutions offers tailored solutions for your business needs

Our Philosophy

“We are the sum total of our experiences. .....None of us are the same as we were yesterday, nor will be tomorrow.” – B. J. Neblett

This philosophy is incorporated in all the work we conduct. We start with leveraging  existing knowledge and use our experience & expertise to guide you to better informed business decisions.

We start with reviewing previous research, existing hypotheses, secondary information, anecdotal information, etc.

Each project is designed with careful consideration of the issues to be addressed

We work closely with clients even after the completion of projects, continuing to contribute to strategy development and address questions as they emerge

Who are we?

[re]solutions was born out of a desire to provide comprehensive insights and solutions that drive growth 

Anagha, the founder of [re]solutions, brings a wealth of experience from conducting different types of research over 26 years, across diverse categories and markets.

Anagha's expertise extends across Quantitative and Qualitative research approaches, with applications across areas such as market understanding, segmentation, advertising testing, positioning evaluation, packaging testing, concept and product testing, volumetric assessment, product optimization, in-market tracking, etc.

Anagha has consulted for businesses in various industries such as CPG, Financial Services, Automotive, Retail, Real Estate, Beverage Alcohol, Technology, Lottery and Gaming, Telecom, etc.

She is a pioneer in the multicultural practice area, focused on growing market understanding (through breakfast seminars) and improving accessibility (through proprietary products)



"I had the pleasure to work with Anagha on a consumer research project. From the beginning to the end,  the collaboration with Anagha was extremely pleasant. She immediately understood the scope of the project and proposed a methodology that fitted our needs and expectations.  During the whole project, she assisted us in a timely manner and with professional advice and guidance. At the end, she  presented the results in a very comprehensive way.  The research and insights gathered during this project have been very useful to drive our business today."

- Liesbet Vandepoel, Puratos

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